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Every year Microsoft encourages students to try and solve the worlds toughest challenges in a contest it calls the Imagine Cup. Each Imagine Cup contest has a set theme, this year the focus is on the Millennium Development Goals of the UN. These targets are aimed at making the world a better place, spreading equality, fairness and hope in even the most difficult of places.

The 2011 Imagine Cup USA logo.

Having been interested for years in taking part, I have finally taken the plunge alongside Daniel Parker and Ian Field, also both students at The University of Reading. The outcome is our team, which is entering the software design category of the 2011 Imagine Cup and which we've named Inspiratech.

It is still very early days in the project and while we have formulated a general idea for our submission, most of our developmental goals are still to be drawn up. What should be apparent from both Ian's and Dan's recent blog posts though, is just how excited we all are. We'll be working with amazing technology, developing solutions to genuinely challenging issues alongside some very capable competitors indeed!

I'm extremely enthusiastic about the project and I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiments of developer evangelist Ben Nunney. His viewpoint, which he shared in a talk at Reading Geek Night 11, was that students should get involved with the Imagine Cup 2011, and have a great time doing so!.