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Inspiratech is a rolling stone...


Well, we're not exactly a band member, but we're certainly gathering no moss; I've just finished the very first set of minutes for @Inspiratech 's first official team meeting! They uploaded to Reading 'Live' (our shiny new E-Mail and much more service) through the awesome Silverlight interface, darn it was nice to see a web-app working so well! I was setting up folders and linking E-Mail accounts, all in seconds. Hopefully this means all urgent E-Mails will find their way to me much more reliably.

The minutes themselves, (well of course you can't see them, you might steal our ideas!) are sat inside a directory that will contain nothing but minutes. Also, another directory exists for document templates, which will hopefully keep things very organised. I would be the first to agree that keeping document trails for files consistent and logical, is not that interesting. However I do believe that its extremely important, if only for the pace of work increase.

I am also pleased (ecstatic if I'm honest) to announce that tomorrow (05/10/2010) I will be at Microsoft's UK TechDays. This event focuses on the changing landscape of software development with a specific focus this year on cloud computing. I'll also be lucky enough to see Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, for those to whom the name means nothing, firstly) Where have you been? Secondly) go to YouTube and search for developers developers developers, to see why I'm excited. For all the cool things that I and many others will be getting up to, follow the @msukstudent twitter account.

Whew, well that was rather an info and project-status deluge, so I'll finish here and wish you a good night. But remember, watch this space for more Imagine Cup updates, as this week we're getting our team website up and running.