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It's alive... It's ALIVE!


I have a soft-spot for writing websites, especially when I get to write PHP without having to write layout... Which I'm no good at. Hence when my Imagine Cup team needed a website, I leapt at the chance. That was, I leapt at the chance once we'd agreed to use a pre-made template for layout, primarily to save time. So just before I wax lyrical about PHP parsing XML data, I feel compelled to thank @JJenZz, for her quite excellent One Dollar Templates concept.

As mentioned, this site is for Inspiratech, the team I am lucky enough to be a part of for this years Imagine Cup. My fellow team-members have both acquired websites, and obviously I have a website already (you're likely reading it, don'tcha know...). As a result, myself Ian and Dan decided that a content aggregation system would be best; After all, if we had a website that simply pulled down RSS feeds, we wouldn't really have another site's content to maintain.

So, I set about with PHP and SimpleXML and within a few hours I had the news page crawling RSS feeds from both Ian's and Dan's sites. Within another hour or so, my blog actually had an RSS feed, then after a few minutes more, was crawling my feed too.

There will be more posts over the next few days, centering more on the progress to date with the Imagine Cup. I will also be writing a post with some more in-depth coverage of how actually pulls down and parses its content from that little orange icon that now syndicates the world!

Please feel free to subscribe to my RSS, now that it actually exists, by using the link below:

The RSS icon.