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Command Line GUI

This application is a quick solution I had to an irritating problem; I use various command-line applications, but I seemed to accidentally close the command prompt all too often. This usually meant that I had to re-launch the command window, re-mount the working directory, and re-enter the command string (a tedious process at best).

So, I created Command Line GUI in a spare evening; Its a simple window that remembers the last information entered, and allows you to launch a command line application with arguments. I've tested this with MEncoder and the brilliant .ico file creator; 'png2ico', both appear to work fine. My application needs to be placed in the same folder as the command-line utility you are using, and when you close my program, Command Line GUI will generate a configuration file that should be left alone.

Update 2:
Changed the version information and the creator company, also changed the destination of the hyperlink. Changed the program icon (the most vital part of any application).

Download the latest version (V1.0.2.X)

Older versions:

Update 1:
This update supports Windows® command prompt, Command Line GUI still needs to exist in the same folder as cmd.exe, but this is easy to accomplish by copying cmd.exe from its normal folder. Do not move the file, as this will almost certainly break something important. This update keeps the launch process button disabled for the duration of launched application execution. Before the button was re-enabled as soon as the launched application had begun. The only other change is in the font of the hyperlink.

Download V1.0.1.X

Download V1.0.0.X